Indian Students moving towards France as Students get more job opportunities

More and more Indian students are preferring to study in France. Most important reason behind Study in France for Indian students is the job opportunities while studying and after the programs are completed. There are number of option available for Indian students once they have completed their studies in France. Here are some of the job sectors that offer most of those opportunities to students coming from India.

Popular Job Sectors in France among Indian students:

These are the popular job sector in France for Indian students, and many of the indian students studying in France look up to these jobs as their career path following their higher studies. Study in France for Indian students is an opportunity to cherish, as there are number of careers that can be pursued after a number of courses to study at the Universities in France. These are the top courses to study in France for Indian Students, which offer them number of employment opportunities.

1. Computer Science and Information Technology

The IT and computer science are the courses that have been popular among the international students globally. Every industry needs the professionals from this field of study, and the multinational organizations in France are no exception. Every industry now a days need website development, software engineers and IT professionals.

2. Engineering

One of the most significant reasons to why Study in France for Indian students, is Engineering. The stream is very popular among the Indian students, and the number of courses and opportunities available in France attracts many Engineering students to France. There are also offbeat courses available to study Engineering in France, such as Master of Science in Energy and Environment, and the Master of Science in Management-Engineering.

3. Business and Management

Just like Computer science and information technology, management professionals are always in demand. Marketing Manager and business related courses are bound to give you a good Return on Investment. France is home to many of the international businesses and the local businesses lack nothing, too. There are number of high paying, fast growing, rewarding business and management jobs in France.

4. Hospitality and Tourism Management

France is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The tourism industry in France makes around 10% of the GDP. It is one of the most demanding and rising industry at the same time. For the hospitality and tourism management aspirant, the country is no less than a paradise. The degrees from the France are accepted all over the world, and it is one of the best places to study Hospitality and tourism.

Student Visa for France from India

There are two types of visa to study in France, and one of them leads to subsequently Work in France. The first is Schengen visa, which is valid for 3 months and are for generally applied to by the students of short courses in France.

The long stay visa in France is for the longer studies, more than 3 months for degrees like licence (bachelor), masters and PhD. To study in France for Indian students, one needs to apply through campus France application process. Here is how:

Campus France India

Campus France works under Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Higher Education. It provides information on Universities, courses offered in them, fee structure and all the useful information about universities. To study in France for Indian students, one has to apply through CEF procedure. A central agency for application will collect the required documents from the students, and will pass it in to University.

There are some of the basic requirements for successfully applying for visa. Here are the requirements:

Study in France Requirements

  • Pre-Registration Certificate from the University

  • Authorisation from Campus France

  • A Valid Passport

  • Photograph (passport sized)

  • Previous Degrees

  • Receipt of paid registration fees

  • Registration of Social Security

  • Certificate of Civil Liability

  • Valid Health Insurance

  • CV / Resume

  • Language Proficiency Proof

  • Proof of Required monetary funds

Tuition Fees in France for International Students

Tuition Fees in France for International students from what students from France would pay. Study in France for Indian students is an attractive option for it affordable education costs. The english taught programs who hold the same value internationally, are much affordable than the English speaking countries like USA and UK. As per Campus France, the fees for the bachelor’s program are €2,770 and the masters degree are €3,770 per year. The cost of MBA and courses like Medical might have much higher fees than this.

These are some of the reasons, apart from universally accepted quality education and tremendous job opportunities, why more and more Indian students are moving towards France for job opportunities.

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