Give your head a shake. This is the greatest study destination - Canada

12 December, 2016



Canada is Ranked amongst top 10countries in Quality of Life Index by united Nations. Canada is recognized for quality institutions &globally recognized degree. Canada is known for multiplicity of top quality education programs in various streams & innovative economy that welcomes  international students. Canada is also Ranked #1 by the organization for economic Corporation & development (OECD) for its achievements in higher education. Canada offers wide variety of courses & degrees with attractive scholarship opportunities. Canadian University also offers work opportunities with multicultural & safe environment. Canadian Institutes charge lower tuition fees to international students than competing countries. As fees in Canada is more affordable, admissions are more competitive.

Canada encourages students International Students to stay back after their studies. The new work permit Program States that International students who have studied for 2 years can obtain a new Open Work permit. Students who study for 1 year are eligible for 1 year work permit.
Total of 13universities from Canada are recognized in the worlds 200QS including 3 that appear in Top50.The Diplomas & degrees from Canada encompasses of SPP& Non SPP Universities & colleges. Students have diverse choices of Colleges & Universities offering a wide array of programs. Tuition fee for undergraduate is CAD$10000-16000.International students not only because of affordable tuition fee prefer to have education in Canada but also high standard living, structure facilities. For studying in Canada it is mandatory to give entrance exams such as GMAT/GRE & language proficiency test IELTS/TOEFl.  Apply Now to Study abroad and also get free counseling from experienced counselor.