Dos & Don'ts of Technology & Study Abroad

15 December, 2016



Technology is both a blessing & a curse when studying abroad; Technology can help to enhance your study abroad experience. Experience is as much important than next time around. There are number of things you can avoid letting technology take away from your experience. And certainly there are many ways in which technology can help you enhance your study abroad experience as well.
Do Keep A Blog:-
Keeping a Blog is a good option for Study Abroad take time in experiencing a foreign place & pick out most interesting stories, people & places. Make it interesting informative & eye-opening. Make it well written and with a sense of place. There are many things that we can experience by avoiding technology.

Do A Little Research:-
Studying Abroad is not as easy as it seems but with Technology we can search for many things & get many information. Searching online can be great way to meet people or find out about events, gathering & cool places. Research will come in handy prior to your trip abroad as well. Familiarizing with your host country’s politics, history, culture & people will provide a strong launch pad for meaningful study abroad experience.

Don’t Put In Those Headphones:-
Don’t put on headphones & miss  fun to be in abroad the sceneries, views etc. Listen instead to the sounds of the city, countryside, wherever you are. Listen Instead to the sound of the city or countryside, create memories & learn about the places and your surroundings so that after you return home you can go back to your study abroad home anytime in your mind.

Do Take Photo’s & Videos:-
Do take photos & videos, take time to analyze & understand your surrounding  take a deliberate shot that have meaning, that tell a story or memory behind them. In spite of having videos & picture do also reflect & enjoy moment with lot of experience. This can serve as an awesome memento to yourself & hopefully something won’t bore people & enjoy all the captures that you have taken