Cost of living in Spain

Surely one of your great hesitancy about coming to Spain is how much money you will need in
your day to day.Although it is estimated that the average cost of a student between 900 and 1,100 €approximately monthly prices (especially housing) vary considerably depending on the
destination you choose to live (and if you opt for an apartment, dorm, college higher...) Terrazas in Toledo Calle de Madrid © Turespaña Terrazas in Toledo Calle de Madrid Large
cities are those with the highest prices, especially in the central areas.

We recommend, therefore, that one of the first decisions you make when living in Spain iswhere you are going to live and how far is your accommodation in the area in which you study,since according to one of the last Eurostudent studies the cost of housing in Spain tends toabsorb more than 40% of the budget of a student and transport is around 7%.Do not forget either in food costs, educational materials, leisure, mobile phone and those associated with the housing (electricity, water, Internet ...)For the rest of your needs check out the following approximate average values ​​for guidance.

Remember that in big cities prices are higher than average:
  •    Coffee: € 1.25
  •    A full breakfast: between 2 and 4 €.
  •    Soda or beer: 2 €.
  •    Baguette: 0.70 €.
  •    A daily menu in a restaurant midlevel: 10 to 15 €
  •    Single ticket metro or bus: 1.35 €
  •    Transport pass for 10 trips: 9 €
  •    Monthly payment of transport: 40 €.
  •    Newspaper: € 1.20 (Sundays are usually more expensive)
  •    Cinema ticket: 7 €
  •    Internet connection: 40 € at approximately month.