Study Abroad Scholarship

30 November, -1



Students with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & curricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards. If Indian student is seeking opportunity to study abroad then, they will be pleased to know that International scholarship for Indian students are offered by many governmen.

The major concern for the students who desire to study in abroad is huge burden of cost. What student don’t know now days is that they can apply for on-campus financial help package to study abroad for scholarships.Study abroad scholarship is also a monetary help for students to use expense for travels, lodgings, books & many other. There are different type of study abroad scholarship such as Merit based it is based on student’s academic performance, artistic & other abilities. Student specific scholarship is based on factor such as gender, caste, family etc. For Specific country scholarship student is planning to study in particular country can check with government sponsor travel website. Specific Program scholarship is awarded on specific academics & personal achievement. Specific subject scholarship are mostly awarded by study abroad institution & study programs on their particular program.

Study Abroad scholarship are such as Scholarship & Financial help for minority students, Aviation scholarship, The American Graphic Institute Design, Global Study Abroad, Scholar Trips, SP Jain Global Business Scholarships, Rural Students Scholarship Essay Contest, Achieve scholarship, MSC Scholarship,