Free Education in Europe for International Students

30 November, -1



Universities from EU/EEA are known for their affordable tuition and academic courses, barring places like UK. Compared to other English speaking countries, the Universities in Europe are very affordable. The state run Universities and fully funded scholarships are the ways to study in Europe for free. Many countries in Europe have tuition free universities for EU/EEA students. Below are the countries that will let international students study in Europe for free, regardless of their country of origin.

Free Education in Germany:

As we know, the public Universities in Germany, are state funded universities, they do not charge any tuition fees from the student. However, to study Masters in Germany, or the Bachelor’s, the students will have to pay minimal registration fees per semester. Moreover, these universities have many english taught programs, too. Thus, International students can study in Germany in English for Free. Keep in mind that the private universities in Germany have tuition fees, and students can tackle them with study in Germany scholarships if they are unable to secure an enrolment at public university.

Study in Norway for Free:

The government in Norway considers the higher education a right to all, and thus, the state funded public Universities in Norway do not charge the tuition fees. The Private universities have the tuition fees. Even the international students who wants Norway Free Education can apply for the Universities. What Norway offers for tuition fees is balanced by the high living expenses. The admission criteria are quite strict, too. Higher academic performances are required for both Bachelor’s and masters in Norway.

Free Education in Sweden:

There are more than 650 masters programs in Sweden, that are eligible for the fully paid scholarships under the scholarship programs like: Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) and Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS). A fully paid scholarship to Study in Sweden includes the tuition fees, living costs, travel fares, etc. for the eligible Master’s programs in Sweden, effectively letting the students study in Europe for Free.

Tuition Free Universities in Finland:

The state funded Universities in Finland again provide free education for the students in Finland. The International students however, are required to pay the tuition fees to study in Finland for English taught courses. There are no tuition fees, even at the high ranked Universities like University of Helsinki, the courses taught in Finnish and Swedish languages are free of cost. Therefore, if you have enough proficiency in any of the language, Finnish Universities will let you study in Europe for Free.

Study in Netherlands for Free:

Just like Sweden, the Universities in Netherlands are not exactly tuition free. However, there are number of fully paid scholarships for international students willing to study in both bachelor’s and masters programs. The scholarships include the prestigious universities in Netherlands like University of Amsterdam, TU Delft, University of Maastricht and University of Groningen. The scholarship eligibilities are quite higher for fully paid scholarship though, as they require high academic grades and language proficiency.