Tuition fees and Cost of living in France.

Tuition fees differs from country to country and also chosen study level. To study in France the tuition fees for bachelor degree is 190 Euros per year average, engineering degrees have high fees average of 620 Euros and for medical student’s tuition fees is about 452 Euros per year. The same applies for Masters Programs as well as Ph.D. programs. Master’s fees on an average are 260 Euros per year and PhD fees on average is 396 Euros per year.Private universities charge annual tuition fees between 1,500 and 6,000 EUR. In business schools the fees is 7000 Euros per year.

The living cost in France depends on the lifestyle but it also depends on the location in France where you live in. Paris is considered as the most costly city in France. Following is the average budget. Including accommodation Paris living cost is 1,050 to 1200 Euros per month. In Leon and Bordeaux it is between 650 to 850 EurosPrices for accommodation is usually above the international average of 200 – 300 EUR/month.

For transportation expense, it may vary from 1-1.70 Euros in bus or metro. Discounts are also provided in some cities and also passes are available between 17 to 33 Euros. In Paris metro is the easiest way for travelling, for that cost is 12.5Euros/km.For health insurance coverage the cost will be around 20-50 Euros per month. For learning material it would be around 50 Euros/month. If we talk about scholarships in France, so there some universities provide 10,000 Euros scholarship to per year students which are maximum 30 years old and who has capability to satisfy criteria of academic excellence.