Merits of Studying in Germany

If a student wishes to master in the field of National arts & science, he can go for Germany because it is a country that has received highest awards & achievements till now. Forengineering a student who is ready to travel to Europe; Germany should be chosen by him because it is considered as the best option around the European countries. The biggest advantage for any student to study in Germany is that there is no tuition fees at all the public universities in Germany. In Germany there is a well known division which is known by the name “Tuition Free” institutions divided by the higher qualification system and on the other side there is a division called private institutions. In Germany if we see about the staff members all are high class and there is an added advantage of modern infrastructure. Talking about the type of universities for higher qualification, Germany has three types which include Universities, Universities of applied sciences & Technical, art, film and music colleges.

The students going for further studies in Germany are given an assurance by the Bologna Reform Universities to get the degree which is internationally known like Bachelors, Masters or PhD. In all these degrees the semesters of study depends upon the program. But along with all the packages of advantages in Germany there are also some expenses which a student will have to incur while he is studying in Germany but this also has a solution because EU students can easily find a job. Talking about the non EU students they have to get a work permit which can be either 190 full days or 240 half days per year.

What benefit Germany provides to the students is an option to stay back after getting the graduation degree, so that a student can stay there and find work. This work permit can be extended up to 18 months which helps a lot to search for the work and even the student can stay for much longer than 18 months.