FAQs: Study In The Netherlands

30 January, 2017



According to International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014, The Netherlands is very good study place in Europe. There are more than 2100 programmes which are taught in English to stduy in The Netherlands. The Dutch Universities provide quality education.
Que. How many Indian students are there in The  Netherlands?
Ans. As per the research there are up to 800 Indian students getting education in The Netherlands. Every year this ratio increase by 20 to 30 percent.
Que. Why is The Netherlands a destination for Indian students?
Ans. According to International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014, The Netherlands is very good study place in Europe. The Netherlands is the third number university in the top 200 world ranking. According to Global Innovative Index Rankings of  2013 The Netherland is 4th  most innovative country.
Que. Which are the most preferred courses for Indian Students in The Netherlands?
Ans.  Most preferred courses for Indian students are as under:
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering
  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Management Administration
Que. What about the admission cycle?
Ans. You can come to The Netherlands for a maximum of one year before to your studies to follow preparatory courses and pass the examination set by the institution. After passing the examination the condition letter of acceptance will be turned into a definite letter of acceptance. Get admission to Netherlands.

Que. What are the job prospects?
Ans. You have chances of getting a job after your studies in The Netherlands. You will also get research opportunities at Netherlands after your master programme.

Que. Which are the most popular universities among Indian students?
Ans. Most popular universities:
  • University of Amsterdam-55th position internationally
  • Delft University of Technology-64th  position internationally
  • Utrecht University-94th  position internationally
  • Leiden University-95th position internationally
Que. Which region attracts the most number of Indian Students?
Ans. Although Amsterdam is the is the largest Dutch city but The  Hague  attracts the most number of Indian Students, as it is home to the Delft university of Technology , known for its Engineering programmes.

Que. Does the location play a role in a student’s preference to study in The Netherlands?
Ans. There is a high scope of working in The Netherlands after studies. There are various corporate companies in The Netherlands like Royal Dutch Shell, ING group, Unilever, Schlumberger and There is high scope for engineers too.
Que. What is the cost of education?
Ans. The cost of education is low than other countries. The annual tution fees for a degree programme starts at approximately 1700 for EU students. The tution fees for bachelor programme lies between 6000 and 12000 Euros and for masters programme tution fees are €8000 and €20000. Check out cost of studying in Netherlands.
Que. Is there a mechanism to ease one’s search for funding?
Ans.  Indian students can vie for at least 171 scholarships across 16 broad domains. For more details you can check ‘Scholarships’@nesoindia.org.

Delft University of Technology Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering 36 8266 per year
Erasmus University Rotterdam  Master’s in Management of Innovation 12 15,800
Utrecht University  Master’s in International Development Studies 12 15,150
Wageningen University and Research Center  Master’s in Plant Biotechnology 24 14,500
University of Amsterdam  Master’s in Cultural and Social Anthropology 12 12,000
University of Groningen  Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management 24 13,400
Maastricht University  Master’s in Globalization and Law 12 13,500
Eindhoven University of Technology  Master’s in Mechanical Engineering 24 13,226
Leiden University
Master’s in Biomedical Sciences 24 19,900
Radboud University Nijmegen Master’s in Mathematical Physics 24 105,37
Que. Does the Dutch government have any special policy to attract international students?
Ans. The Netherlands depends on international talent. To attract the international students The Dutch government provides Netherland Education Support System set up through Nuffic in The Hague. They provide guidance and information to the international students. They support student in choosing their education and career. They also provide study programmes and training to help the students. The Nuffic Neso India based in Bangalore. There are many scholarships to study in netherlands funded by government and Dutch Institutions.
After completing the study programme student can work in The Netherlands under the ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment.’ During the orientation year, student has free access to labour market.
Que. Studying abroad is a costly proposition. Do the prevailing rules allow students to work while studying?
Ans. If you want to work along with getting the Education you can work full time or part time in The Netherlands. You can do full time seasonal work in June, July and August. You can also choose part time work but you can work only ten hours a week.
Que. How does The Dutch industry look at Indian students? Are they job ready?
Ans. There is compulsory internship/projects as part of the curriculum and problem-based learning approach while studying are major contributing factors to this job ready status of the student.
Que. Do the Indian students fit into the cultural milieu of the Netherlands? Is there any fraction?
Ans. Netherland has multicultural environment. The Netherland is advance country, with much of its wealth coming from international trade.