Education In The Lands Of Switzerland

The education system in Switzerland is very diverse, because its constitution which delegates this authority to the cantons. The Swiss constitution sets the foundations, where primary education is obligatory and is free in public Schools. In total, there are 12 Universities in Switzerland; of which Cantons manages 10 , while two federal institutes of technology are under the authority of the State. In addition, there are seven regional associations of Universities for Applied Sciences.
In 1995,
Switzerland was one of forty-one nations that participated in the study. Among 8th graders, Switzerland ranked 15th overall, 8th in math and 25th in science. As of January 2015, the International Schools Consultancy (ISC) listed Switzerland as having 105 international schools. Switzerland was the Place where the International Baccalaureate was born. Switzerland comes second in the rate of foreign students in tertiary education, after Australia.