Affordable tuition fees to study in Poland

Students with talent look scholarship option for sponsoring their higher education. In Poland students can study in Europe with affordable tuition fees.

In most countries, there are student fees. Only 10 countries do not charge any tuition fees at universities. Lucky are students from: Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Malta, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Norway and Turkey. At the other end is the United Kingdom (except Scotland), where tuition fees are the highest in Europe, they need to be repaid depends on the earnings of graduates. In Poland, the charges are levied only in case of a failure of the year.

The rest of the country uses a system of student fees, but the amount varies. Also, the reasons for the payment are not the same. Some countries use the method of paying tuition fees in advance (Czech Republic , Netherlands , Portugal , Slovakia , England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein), and some schoolboys have to pay only in the event of poor performance or failure to complete studies within ( m. in.
Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia). Among the countries that apply the system of student fees, the best falls Poland. It is in our country, tuition fees are the lowest in Europe. The relatively high tuition paying students in Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary.