How to obtain French Citizenship?

France is considered a very beautiful country and has a rich cultural heritage. France is also considered as the most romantic place with great miracles. The people who go there fall in love with France and decide to stay over there. Becoming a citizen of France is applied to those who seriously wanted to move permanently in the France. They can also get benefit of French Government and is able to live, work, stay and study in France. After becoming a citizen in France one is able to work without having to apply for a special work permit. For becoming a French citizen some of the formalities should be cleared and also there are some rules and regulations which have to follow.

Following are the French citizenship requirements which will be 100% needed to get a citizenship in France. Only the person who is marrying with French citizen and wish to get a French citizenship through that so there will slight difference in a process of getting citizenship than other people. 
One of your parents has a French citizenship. The person’s spouse should be a French citizen and should be married for at least  4 years. You have stayed in France for at least 5 consecutive years. Military services has to be done.
 You must also have all the following requirements :

 A person who wants to get French citizenship should be at least 18 years old. Secondly, a person should be able to show that he is of good morale. A Proof is also needed of having no criminal past. Criminal past includes Parking and speeding tickets should not constitute a criminal past. A person should be able to show that he is completely indulge himself in a French life which includes being able to speak French language well enough.